Hello World!

Book in hand

The printed books are finally here!

We have been waiting a long time, and we finally have the printed books in our hands. It’s pretty exciting to actually see it, hold it, and turn the pages.

There was a little glitch with the printing. Due to some kind of error at the printer, some of graphics didn’t print properly in the first printing. Our Production Manager at Manning, Mary Piergies, told us this was the first time this happened in the 13 years she has been working there, and she has produced hundreds of titles. So, of course, it had to happen to our book! (What are the odds…?)

But the corrected copies have now been printed. Anyone who received one of the first printings will get a corrected copy. (None of them went out to retail stores or Amazon. Some went out to people who ordered from the Manning web site.) You can make sure you have the corrected copy if you look on the copyright page (the second page inside the front cover). Near the bottom there is the ISBN number. If it is the corrected version, it says “Second corrected printing” right above the ISBN number. Any printing after that is also fine (third, fourth, etc.).

The books should be on their way to retailers now, both online and “bricks and mortar” stores. You can already order it directly form Manning using this link.