Hello World!

Hello World Second Edition

This year we have been working on an update to Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners. The Second Edition hit bookstore shelves in late December 2013.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new edition is that it’s in full color, including the code listings, which have syntax coloring.  Here are some of the other changes:

One of the things that didn’t change is that we are still using Python 2. Although Python 3 has been out for a few years, many programmers are still using Python 2. Also, much of the existing Python code in the world is Python 2, and there are still a lot more 3rd-party modules that support Python 2. For learning programming, it doesn’t make much difference what language you use, or what version of a particular language. If using Python 3 is really important to you, the notes throughout the book (and an Appendix that summarizes the most obvious differences) should help you modify the examples in the book to work with Python 3.

We hope you enjoy the Hello World! Second Edition.